Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Musings on a new blog

I've started a few blogs in my time. You can read their content here,  I Only Went Out For A Walk, and here, Velo Celt. All along, I've been interested in writing about a variety of subjects, but have never hit upon how I wanted to approach it. Lately I'd been thinking about how to reinvent my blogs so that I could write about a much wider variety of topics while still appealing to the audience that I'd begun to cultivate. I realized that a common thread ran through much of what I was interested in and much of what I wanted to write about. At heart I'm a conservationist. The Oxford English Dictionary defines conservationist as:


a person who advocates or acts for the protection and preservation of the environment and wildlife.

I've come to realize that much of what I want to write about relates in some way to living my life as a conservationist. I commute to work by bicycle not only to save money, but more as a means of lessening my impact on the environment. This conservationist's view has come to extend from everything from recycling virtually all packaging materials that come into our house, to thinking about ways that we can lessen our carbon foot print. I've always  had a love of the natural world, and in recent years a burgeoning desire to live a simpler life more attuned to nature, and by "attuned" I mean the definition that equates with "harmonious." Living a life more in harmony with nature.

This new blog I hope will better reflect my varied interests and will show how so much of what I do and what I am interested in has a basis in living my life as a conservationist. I hope to convey through engaging writing and photography a little of the wonder I have for our natural world. Along the way there will be pieces about wildlife, camping trips, bicycling, recycling, permaculture, how to live sustainably within a big city, and many other subjects I hope will be thought provoking and maybe sometimes even inspiring. Join me on a journey as I explore what it means to me, to be a conservationist in the 21st century.

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